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Public School Jobs in Shenzhen English Teacher:

Why Shenzhen
1. Location
- The proximity to Hong Kong makes for an awesome and easy weekend trip and cheaper
alternative when looking for flights around Asia. It is a tropical country situated in the Southern part
of China and you get to enjoy tropical weather year-round.
2. Safety
- Despite the recent Covid-19 outbreak all over the world, Shenzhen city managed to resume
classes from Kindergarten to Universities. The virus has been contained in the city and efficient
Government protocols were implemented to ensure everyone’s safety.
3. Modern City
- Shenzhen is a testament to China’s modernity. It is one of China’s economic zones and a
huge metropolis that rivals both Beijing and Shanghai in terms of amenities and quality of life for
expats. The culture of Shenzhen is equally amazing providing expats with the chance to visit many
touristy places and other traditional attractions.

Why Public School?
1. Employment Stability
-Working in Public School guarantees stability of employment of the foreign teachers as the
Government prioritizes students’ continuous learning and knowledge sharing.
2. Experience
- Foreign teachers get to experience first-hand what it’s like teaching Chinese students and
impart their knowledge of the English language. It helps bridge the gap between China and the rest
of the world.
3. Less Workload
-Teaching in a Public School increases the value of a teacher’s time in China. Weekly English
classes are not more than 15hrs. It maintains daily Work-Life balance.

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